Event Planners

At Lounge Appeal, we are committed to working closely with Event Planners. We understand Event Planners are extremely busy juggling multiple upcoming events, a fragmented supply chain and a portfolio of clients all with different needs. We are dedicated to alleviating some of the stress by enabling Event Planners to consolidate their supply chain and work with one partner exclusively for Event Furniture Rentals.

This strategy allows Event Planners to become comfortable with Lounge Appeals pricing structure, furniture design styles, Account Managers and working style. As an Event Planner, we understand you are busy and the stakes are high. There is nothing worse than an upset client due to a vendor over promising and under delivering. We understand with every event your reputation is on the online and a bad review from a client impacts your business and bottom line.

We go above and beyond for you to ensure the Furniture Rental component of the event goes off without a hitch resulting in a room full of impressed guests and a happy client.

To learn more about how we can help you furnish upcoming events for your clients and to establish a healthy partnership, contact us today.