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Lounge Appeal is your smart choice for plush and luxurious seating for your corporate event. Our selection of unique hand crafted furniture will create an ambience your guests will remember for years. Get Inspired by viewing our past event photos!



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Vibrant Color Collection 

We offer over 20 festive colors to suit your mood. Mix and match in any combination you choose.  

Deco Collection 

Spoil your guests with modern elegance. This all white seating offers a clean contemporary style.

Southwest Collection 

Combining wood, metal, and natural materials, this collection provides a rustic earthy feel.           

Royal Collection 

Make a statement with this over-the-top style of seating. It says, “Glitz & Glam”.

Couture Collection 

A favorite for weddings, this is a modern take on a classic design.

Glow Collection 

Lighten up with fun groupings that will increase the overall ambiance. LED color options available!

Divine Dining 

This collection of tables, benches, and dining chairs are sure to impress.

Vintage Hollywood

This collection incorporates richer tones and exudes a cocktail lounge vibe.


Get Inspired! View some of our most popular lounge groupings. 


Comprised of white, silver, & gold...these items are sure to make any wedding reception pop!

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Our inventory is constantly expanding. View all of our new arrivals here.