2017 Outdoor Furniture Trends

By Kristy Griggs | Furniture Design

May 16

What are the 2017 Outdoor Furniture trends? Well, In a Word – Indoors.

A cozy place to unwind has never really been out of style – but in 2017, ‘cozy’ defines style. This year, your greatest great room will be outside. 2017 outdoor furniture trends pay homage to rustic materials, surprising colors, luxury unadorned and serious comfort. In deference to serious comfort, don’t get up. We’ve got a whole lot of big (and small) ideas for you right here.

What’s in Is Out and What’s Out Is In.

This is easier than it sounds. The idea to keep in mind is that your outdoor space can be a brilliant blend of your interior design with whatever vistas surround it outdoors; be it the sea, the mountains or your neighbors’ rooftops. Big or small, patio, porch, yard or balcony – any outdoor space that you call your own can be maximized to suit your view, your vision and your kick back style.

Keep it authentic and keep it simple. Try Rustic. Try Wood. Try Rustic Wood. In Unrustic Colors.

Wood Outdoor Furniture Trends

“The use of wood and natural materials, like rattan and teak, are perfect for more rural, rustic spaces.” We agree – but we also know that in 2017 outdoor furniture trends, outdoor design is a peacefully blended anarchy, and rustics will pop on an urban rooftop as much as sleek, mod contemporaries will highlight a glorious hillside. Eclectic, inviting and unconfining, “this season it’s all about natural materials, retro-inspired style, and . . . colors.”

Think wood, wicker and rattan weaves, beautiful bamboos, antique lumbers, natural textiles/fibers and simple stones with surprising splashes and bursts of patterns and colors – the brighter the better. Start organic. Then detail with mosaic patterns or graffiti panels. Tap your friends’ talents – this is California, where artist friends work for fish tacos and avocado dip.

Speaking of Friends, the Trend in 2017 is Friend-Friendly


You know you love them – your pop-ins and stopovers and stayers – your loiterers, lollers, lazers and lounge lizards. They mooch, they malign, they linger longer than you’d like – and you wouldn’t have it any other way. They’re your conscience, your motivation, your entertainment, your source for the giggles. They’re the ones who ‘get’ you and that’s why you keep them around. Whether your guests prefer to wage heated arguments at the edges of their seats or just cuddle deep into them, 2017’s outdoor patio furniture trends can accommodate their needs. But if you plan to add outdoor pillows to the mix, don’t forget to install a weather-proof alarm clock (or perhaps an eject lever).

In 2017, your outdoor refuge is fit for your social and your anti-social side, too – because – let’s face it, at times we all have a little bit of both. A patio should be ready for either. It’s your social space, but it’s also your work-at-home space, your al fresco dining space, your think about nothing space. Everyone has their own way of enjoying an evening on a lanai. This should work.

Reduce, Recycle, Reuse . . . Revisit, Reclaim – Restore. And then relax.

Who doesn’t love an aptly-architected alliteration? When designing your outdoor space, reduce clutter and revisit the past. Seek out reclaimed accent pieces and transform them into your present style. Antique shops, local charitable thrift stores and the Goodwill might be equally fruitful stops along your quest for a patio piece that no one else has. When you begin with a base of flawless contemporary elegance, any uncommon addition can be its star focus, or perhaps you prefer it to be part of your cast of background extras. Tying it all together is what makes it uniquely you.

For Those Formal Function Planners Among Us

Outdoor furniture design is your art, your craft and your science. It is your laboratory, your medium, your palette and your inspiration. Ideally, it is the perfect chemical reaction of impeccable taste with absolute convenience. Accommodation, movement and flow will transform a beautiful outdoor aesthetic into party perfection.

You’ll want to think about perfect seating arrangements – for your social butterflies, your wallflowers, your people watchers – and those who watch them. Chairs that swivel, lighter pieces that can be moved with ease, a surround of benches or sofas, well-placed tables and an anchor of beautiful buffets. And don’t be shy about table size. In 2017 outdoor furniture trends, outdoor tables are show stoppers in and of themselves. Permit your instincts when it comes to big, warm, romantic pieces.

Think about the living rooms you love – add ottomans and a chair for great uncle Max that’s easy to get in and out of – these are all available this season in the most surprising outdoor fashions, fabrics and tones. Keep the party going with outdoor fire places, pits and tables, well-placed buffets, expandable tables, refrigeration units and subtly placed speakers for background refrains.

Light it for ambiance, safety and accessibility. Try floor and step lights for decoration and for function. Storage for patio pillows and accessories should be simple and built right in. Design-forward outdoor cabinetry takes the place of plastic storage bins in 2017.

Be an Urban (or Suburban) Gardener


Plant – trees, flowers, herbs – whatever fits your space, your taste and your ability to maintain. Gardens just smell good and they look – well – awesome. When you plant anything, you are giving something back to the earth . . . and it needs it. Share your love and respect for nature by celebrating it in your outdoor design concept. Here’s a little bit of inspiration.

Then Add Water

Water features are still hot (actually, still cool). A mass-produced import from a local big box store sufficed for a while, but 2017’s high style design landscape calls for a stronger choice. Either go full organic or make it architecturally striking. Speaking of which, sculpture (particularly sit-able and table-able sculpture) is huge.

Think Brady Bunch

Eve Plumb


Bet you weren’t expecting that.

We don’t mean all of it. You can skip the perm and the Formica.

But here’s the story . . . indoors and out we’re seeing and loving multi-use furniture, earthy color tones, woods, bricks, clean lines, loggias, stone walls and benches for seating, leveled spaces, shading eaves (but no eavesdropping – you saw what happened to Cindy). It’s been slow in coming but it’s back and with a groovy vengeance, along with maxi dresses and up to the knee gym-striped socks.

And let’s face it – you’ve always wanted an eight-foot-long, custom-built, stone barbecue/grill. Now is the time to indulge. Sorry, no Alice included.

If you have a vision of what a merger of the indoor and outdoor can look and feel like, understand the notion of refined-cozy-chic, can achieve mingling styles and centuries while keeping it visually streamlined, and fuse it all without over-matching, then you’ve got what it takes to create a 2017 outdoor space that others only dream about.

At Lounge Appeal, we would love to be a part of your outdoor inspiration – from concept to fruition. Whether you’re designing for a world-class event or furnishing your personal patio Shangri-la, please visit us at our Los Angeles or San Diego showrooms or contact us at any time. We look forward to exceeding your expectations.

About the Author

Kristy Griggs is an industry veteran with 20 years of experience in furniture design and manufacturing. Kristy is a renowned entrepreneur, philanthropist and furniture design expert.