5 Summer Event Themes and Lounge Areas to Match

By Kristy Griggs | Summer Lounge Concepts

Jul 12

1. Tropical Paradise

Tropical Paradise is one of the most popular summer event themes ever for many reasons: they are simple to plan, fun to customize, and bring all the fun summer colors you could need! This theme is perfect for beach location parties where lounging is always more fun with stunning furnishings to compliment the great views.

Event Details:

Coordinator: True Beach Events and Alchemy Design

Location: South Ponto Beach

Photography: True Photography

Color Scheme: Sunset colors – orange, yellow, blue, pink, teal

Lounge Items: Deco curved benches, Beachwood stool/tables, Glow Patio Bar, Bookcase shelf/back bar

2. 70’s Glam

What’s the difference between a 70’s themed party and a 70’s Glam themed party? Well, pretty much everything! Skip the lava lamps, tie-dye and bean bags; and keep the bright metallics, go-go dancers, beaded curtains, and luxury lounge areas to set a truly glamorously chic mood. These classy nods to a classic era puts a great twist on any extravagant party.

Event Details: 

Domo Corporate Event

Color Scheme: Gold, black, silver

Lounge Items: Square Sectional (comes in every color) with a built in dance platform, Majesty Throne (gold), Grand Salon Chaise (gold), Couture Round Ottoman

3. Hamptons

Have you ever wished you could be spending the summer poolside with cocktail in hand in the Hamptons? Don't worry, we will bring the Hamptons to you! This theme is a great way to tie together your preppiest events- Forget the White Party and throw a Hamptons Party!

Event Details: 

Coordinator: 360 Destination Group

Location: Monarch Beach Resort

Color Scheme: White with pops of bright colors

Lounge Items: Deco Skyline Package

4. Americana

An Americana event theme is a popular choice for warm summers moments and patriotic holidays. This is a fun theme with the ability to be very versatile. Infuse this theme with anything from a classic folk style to a more gritty western feel.

Event Details: 

Coordinator: Show TD

Location: Laguna Cliffs Marriott

Color Scheme: Red, White, black, and reclaimed wood

Lounge items: NEW Urban dining tables, Metal chairs

5. Cuban Style: Hot Havana Nights

Last but not least, is a new theme I recently came across – and how fun! Picture this: a cigar lounge with dark brown faux leather, bright orange and teal accent pillows, with rich weathered wood tables to set this refined theme. Take a trip to this Caribbean paradise in your back yard and throw the party of the summer – oh and please send me an invite!

Event Details: Coming soon… Stay up to date with all of our events here

Color Scheme: Dark Brown, orange, teal, and reclaimed wood

Lounge Items: Fireside Sofa, Fireside Love Seat, Reclaimed wood Tables


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