Beyoncé Posts Photos on Lounge Appeal‘s Adeline Chairs!

By Kristy Griggs | Celebrities

Feb 20
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It’s no secret that Lounge Appeal furniture can be seen at exciting parties, classy events and dreamy weddings.

Imagine Dragons Smoke + Mirrors album with exclusive tracks released via Target


And, on special occasions, we get to see our furniture off to comfort high-class celebs.

For instance, this month Lounge Appeal rental furniture was featured at a high profile Target event featuring four exclusively released songs on Imagine Dragons new album, Smoke + Mirrors.

Most recently, Beyoncé posted the photo below on her Twitter (@BeyonceLite) and Instagram. Her chosen seating? The custom made Adeline Arm Chairs by Lounge Appeal.


Beyoncé on Lounge Appeal's Adeline Arm Chairs

Beyoncé on Lounge Appeal’s Adeline Arm Chairs

If you would like to rest your buns on the same chairs as Beyoncé, or perhaps choose your own posh party furniture rental, inquire here.

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Happy Event Planning, and LOUNGE ON!

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