Stellar Lounge Furniture Perfect for Valentine’s Day!

By Kristy Griggs | Valentines Day

Feb 11
Valentines Day Furniture Rental

Many modern party themes are somewhat understated. Valentine’s parties? Not so much. It’s time to go “all-out” and the good news is, you don’t have to spend any time debating the color palette.

Here are some really fun ideas for piecing together a classic yet creative V-Day event!


Think couture, classy, and royal. Below are some excellent lounge furniture rental options from Lounge Appeal that can either inspire you or help you create the look you already have in mind.

 The Couture Collection

The Couture Collection has multiple furniture rentals to choose from. Want to add a creative twist? Partner gold or silver furniture with burgundy red velvet options!

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The Royal Collection

If you want to play up the royal look, check out our Royal Collection. These pieces are fantastic if you want to set a completely elegant, romantic vibe for your guests.

Royal Furniture by Lounge Appeal

The Royal Collection by Lounge Appeal

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Deco Collection

For a more modern look, use the White Deco Collection and accent with red and pink pillows and lighting. Or, for a nightclub feel, piece together a fully customized pink glow party with the Glow Collection.

Acryllic transparent chairs  are in high fashion this season (See previous blog on 2015 Furniture and Event Trends) and are a perfect addition to any of these choices!

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  • Fill heart shaped balloons with helium and let them float to the ceiling.
  • Tables and benches can be sprinkled with heart-shaped confetti and decorated with doilies and lace.
  • Banners and/or hanging hearts; In February party stores are overflowing in pink and red party decor like such.
  • Pink, white and red flower arrangements are a MUST.
  • Use food and drinks to as yummy decorative additions! Pink cupcakes, drinks, and more!


Find a heart-shaped dartboard. This is a particular favorite for all the single people at the party. <3

Photobooths are nothing new, but they’re still a lot of fun! Whether you bring in someone professional or just point your digital camera at a simple backdrop, the photos that ensue provide an excellent keepsake.

If you’re planning something particularly flashy, consider renting a customized Step and Repeat instead of creating a photobooth. Your friends will feel like celebs and remember this for years to come!


Stock up on candles and keep the lighting low to exaggerate the feeling of romance. Make sure you don’t use too many scented candles, though! If you do choose a scented candle, stick to one scent. Your guests’ nostrils will thank you!

*Also, pay attention to the placement of candles — no paper or flammables near them. Not joking, I’ve seen small fires erupt at parties. That could be a real love buzz kill.

If you have a large screen, consider playing a classic love movie like Sleepless in Seattle, Grease or 10 Things I Hate About You. These are great for background and setting the vibe — no sound needed.

While you might think love songs are perfect for you V-Day bash, they’re NOT. They will make your party feel cliche, boring, depressing, or all of the above. Avoid sappy music and instead choose fun beats that make people want to dance and enjoy a fun night!

If you are looking to rent furniture and/or get more ideas, contact us for a free event consultation We are glad to help you discover or develop your vision and make it into a reality!

Happy Event Planning and Lounge ON!

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