Furniture and Event Trends of 2015

By Kristy Griggs | Furniture Design

Jan 19
Furniture and Event Trends of 2015

Celebrity decorator, Mark Cutler, has revealed what he believes to be the most prominent styles for 2015! One of Southern California’s most acclaimed designers, Cutler claims to have “accidentally” fallen into his line of work. His talent has attracted A-list Hollywood clients, such as Jennifer Lopez and Vanna White.

Whether you are planning a wedding, a corporate event or a rave, use the following trends to inspire the furniture, art and decor.

The first few themes noted by Cutler can be seen in the following photo from a Lounge Appeal wedding:

Lounge Appeal Displays 2015 Trends

Lounge Appeal Displays 2015 Trends

COLOR: Strong pastels like tangerine and mint green. Yup, just like in the 80s. The colors you will see this year will be bright and vibrant, yet not quite the blinding neons.

ACRYLLIC: Transparent is back, so don’t hesitate to use see-through furniture such as the chairs pictured above. Much like the color schemes, this trend screams “80s!” So what the heck! Go ahead and couple those colorful choices with acrylic. You can’t go wrong.

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SALON HANGING: Grouping multiple pieces of art together has sometimes been seen as tacky or too busy; But if you do it right, it is an elegant fashion YES. Placing several styles of art together, especially tying in different cultures and time periods, is particularly appealing.

CULTURE CLASH: Whether virtually, or in real life, people today travel around the globe more than did the generations before them. We see traces of varied cultures all around us; So much so that it’s becoming a trend to symbolize the age of international awareness by displaying multiple culturally influenced pieces, creating a dynamic and intellectual feel.

Organic pattern displayed by Lounge Appeal wedding

Organic pattern displayed by Lounge Appeal

PATTERNS: This year, choose organic, photo-based patterns. This might make you think of flower and leaf patterns, which have been attached to the Organic movement in general. However, this year you can expect to see the range of patterns continuing growing to include more mineral crosscuts, star patterns and photo studies, to name a few.

METAL: There always seems to be a popular metal of the day. This year, think brass. Brass was nearly forgotten for the past several years as nickel and bronze ruled the décor world. Not anymore. Cutler notes that it’s the burnished, satin finishes he’s seeing and using, rather than the older look of polished brass.

Lounge Appeal displays the trendy 2015 "luxury" look

Lounge Appeal displays trendy 2015 “luxury” look

LUXURY: This might come as a surprise if you haven’t seen it yet yourself. For some time now the trends have favored all things reclaimed and recycled, and not necessarily the most comfortable. Now? It’s back to velvets, silks and brocades. People are regaining financial strength and as a result, this year has a particular interest in enjoying the finer things in life.

HANDMADE: While “reclaimed and recycled” are losing their spot at front and center, the artisanship behind them is not. People are appreciating fine, handmade products that feel like art and trace back to known artisans.

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Happy event planning, and Lounge ON!

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