How to Hire the Right Event Furniture Rental Company

By Kristy Griggs | Event Furniture Rental

Feb 03


When it comes to hosting an event, hiring the right event furniture rental company is a key component. If you are hosting a large party, like a wedding, for hundreds of guests, it is highly unlikely that you already own all of the furniture needed to accommodate this large number of guests.

Even for large event planning organizations, it is cost-prohibitive to purchase large amounts of furniture and to store it after an event. This is without even considering the fact that not all events will require the same style of furniture. Even if you are merely planning a small dinner party at your home, you may still wish to rent chairs or sofas to provide additional seating for your guests, both indoors and out.

Rather than buying all of the furniture you need for an event, renting it is a much more practical option that can save you a lot of money throughout the process. However, there are so many event furniture rental companies out there that it can sometimes be difficult to narrow down your options to choose the best one to suit your unique needs. To make matters even more complicated, there are different things you’ll need to take into consideration, depending upon whether you are planning just one event or are hoping to create a long-term partnership for multiple future events.

Here are a few of the primary factors you should evaluate when selecting a furniture rental company for your next event:

Planning a Single Event

The considerations in this category are best suited to individuals planning smaller events by themselves. The factors included here are likely to be of interest to professional planners as well.

Style of Furniture

This is quite possibly the most important consideration when it comes to choosing a furniture rental companyHardRockSDPatioy to work with for your event. Think about the style that you wish to create for your event, and make sure that the company you choose offers this type of furniture. For example, if your event will be a classy, upscale affair, a company that rents out hay bales to use as benches will likely not be a good fit. On the contrary, you are unlikely to find suitable furnishings for a casual, beach-style atmosphere from a company that specializes in Victorian furniture.

If you are not sure what type of style you are after, simply ask the companies account manager for creative ideas. A strong event furniture rental company will have a staff of account managers well versed in matching a style to your personality and decor consistent with the theme of the event. It’s also helpful to browse by style, in lieu of searching by furniture type. For inspiration on style ideas, browse a few different collections here: Southwest Collection, Couture Collection, Deco Collection, Royal Collection.

Don’t just assume that a company will have the furniture that you need simply because their style matches yours. Be sure to look through their specific list of sofas, chairs, benches, ottomans, tables and other items to ensure that they have what you need. If you will need 100 dining chairs, make sure that the company can accommodate that request. It doesn’t matter how nice the furniture is if they do not have the pieces that you need.


Make sure that you are aware of all the costs involved with the rental. Ask about any additional charges and get all quotes in writing. In some cases, the cost of delivery and setup will be included in the rental rate, but in others, this will be a separate charge. Try to look for a company that is accustomed to dealing with smaller events, as they will likely offer better rates than companies that primarily handle large events.

Past Experience


Don’t just take a company’s word for it that they can help you create a beautiful event. Ask to see samples of past work that they have completed to ensure that the quality is what you are expecting. Take into consideration the types of events the rental company usually supplies. If they are accustomed to handling corporate event furniture rentals, they may not be the best choice to supply rental furniture for a western-themed birthday party.

You may wish to ask for references as well. Past clients can give you a better idea of what it is actually like to work with the company, including its punctuality and professionalism.

To accommodate this common request from prospective Lounge Appeal clients we have created a page dedicated to displaying our past events.

Seeking an Ongoing Partnership

This category is geared specifically towards professional event planners, including wedding planners and corporate event planners that plan multiple events throughout the year. 

Variety of Offerings

When choosing an event furniture rental company to partner with for the long-term, it is important to think not just about the events you are currently planning, but those you will plan in the future as well. If your events run the gamut in terms of style, a company that only offers one or two styles of furniture will not be able to accommodate all of your future requests. You’ll likely be better off with an organization that offers a variety of different styles of furnishings.

On the other hand, if you specialize in a particular type of event, like weddings or corporate meetings, a specialist rental company will likely have better options within your niche. For example, a corporate event furniture rental company can provide items like speaker podiums and multimedia display mounts. Similarly, a wedding event furniture rental outfit will have greater variety in terms of furnishings that you’ll need at a wedding reception, like dance floors, photo backdrops and cake display stands.

Additional Services

In forging a long-term partnership, you’ll need to consider any extras that the rental company offers as well. For example, freight costs may or may not be included in the rental price. Some rental companies include setup and tear-down among their services, while others will simply deliver the furniture, expecting you to set it up yourself.

These are important factors to consider and will depend on the size and scope of your event planning company. You’ll need to determine which features are most important to your organization and will best meet your needs.

 Loyalty Rewards

In any long-term working relationship, you hope to receive some form of benefit for your continued loyalty. This could include perks like discounted rental rates for large orders, priority reservations of popular items or free delivery, to name just a few possibilities. Not all furniture rental companies offer such benefits, so it is important to find out this information before entering into an agreement. In some cases, the perks of working with one organization may outweigh the slightly higher quality of furniture offered by another.

Final Decision on the right Event Furniture Rental Company


At the end of the day, the company you choose is entirely up to you. You can analyze and examine hundreds of factors, but there is still something to be said for good old-fashioned gut feelings. You want to find a company that you will be comfortable working with, so if you have any unease about a particular organization, you probably shouldn’t ignore it. Good luck and happy planning!

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