Creative Custom Wedding Furniture Inspirations for a Knockout Wedding

By Kristy Griggs | Wedding Furniture

Apr 20



Fabulous Bride and Groom Chair by Lounge Appeal

Whether you’re an event planner or a DIY champ, using custom wedding furniture can transform your occasion from a pretty party to an enchanting experience that will remain in the minds of your guests forever. Does that sound a little extreme? We don’t think so…

At Lounge Appeal, we believe that your beautiful location can be accented perfectly by the right furniture choices.

Just like in interior design, wedding locations have a personality and character. Paying attention to this can help you pick the perfect décor for your desired design.

Below are some suggestions on how to use different furniture to accent several types of locations. For a personal consultation with respect to your specific location, contact us.

Warehouse Wonder

Warehouse Wedding by Lounge Appeal

Warehouse by Lounge Appeal

In a warehouse, I say let the candles do the speaking. Simplicity and understated tones make the loudest “oohs” and “ahhs,” when it comes to the warehouse.

This is why the above-pictured wedding designers chose acrylic (transparent) tables and chairs. As a result, the setting was perfectly accentuated by reflected light and the natural patterns of the warehouse.

A look like that only arises when the building itself is allowed to set the tone; so choose furniture that doesn’t take away or add too much.

Whether you lean towards shabby chic or modern acrylic (or a mixture of both), the warehouse can turn into a real wonderland.



Blissful Ballroom

Blissful Ballroom Wedding by Lounge Appeal

Blissful Ballroom Wedding by Lounge Appeal

When I think of a ballroom wedding, I think of something completely enchanted. Rental furniture can add to your fancy, fairytale style.

My top two ballroom suggestions would be the White Deco Collection (as seen pictured), or the Royal Collection.

In the photo above, the couple chose to place square shaped furniture surrounding the round dance floor. This choice added variation to the many circle patterns throughout the room.

The royal, enchanted look can be attributed to the choice of colored throw pillows that matched the flowers and overall wedding colors.

The furniture added beauty, but don’t forget it’s very PRACTICAL use as guests gather to visit and watch the unfolding entertainment on the dance floor.


Beachfront Wedding by Lounge Appeal

Beachfront Wedding by Lounge Appeal

If you’re planning a beach wedding, your style will be more heavily influenced by its setting than almost any other location.

You can’t outshine the beauty of the ocean and its surroundings, so your best bet is to simply accent the existing with items that seem rather “at home” on the beach.

Think wood, wicker, sunset colors, and ultimately an earth-inspired décor.

Once again, our very popular and versatile White Deco Collection can be seen above, wonderfully accented by reclaimed wood and sunset colors.

Artistic Studio or Museum Wedding

Art Studio decor by Lounge Appeal

Art Studio decor by Lounge Appeal

For the modern, creative and organic friendly couple, an artistic studio is a fabulous place to show off your personality.

My favorite example is pictured above. This wedding was truly a celebration of art and a simple yet jaw-dropping feat.

The Royal Collection adds elegance and completes this style into a wedding-worthy masterpiece.

At Lounge Appeal, we get excited about making your event a most breathtaking sight. From lounge chairs to couches to bars, we can customize your dream into reality.

For a consultation, click here. For more design and event planning tips, connect with us on Facebook and Twitter!

Happy Event Planning, and LOUNGE ON!





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